Partners In Education (PIE)

PIE Meeting Agenda


March 20, 2018

Treasurer’s Report (Alice Griffith)

Expenses:  $20 Jack Zimmerman (babysitting-PIE mtg), $16.23 Trina Prindiville (book fair supplies), $290 Teacher Book Certificates Book fair, $11:80 Alice Griffith (Box Tops Postage), $240 Book Certificates Top Reader, $310 Dominoes (Math & Science Night), $15 Cornett (Quickbooks), $31.28 LPOSD (field trip KG dentist), $273.92 Team 44 (Spirit Wear)

Income:  Scrip = $17.37 Papa Murphy’s = $249.76 (Feb.) $293 Team 44 (Spirit Wear)

Checking Account Balance:  $8152.60

New Business

*Field Trip Request Forms

+Rick Price (represented by Erik) - Math Olympiad

+Kristin Buckmiller - Idaho Forestry

+Mary Bruhjell - Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

    Farragut State Park

+Joanie Hamelmann - Albeni Falls Dam

+2nd Grade - Fire Station

          CdA Library

+Erin Brady - North 40

          City Beach

+6th Grade - Skate Plaza, Shoshone Base Camp, Forestry Contest, Fish


*Book Fair Results

Upcoming Events

*Jogging Club (April 9 - May 18)

Do we have all supplies?  Ribbons?? Trophy for 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall (entire school)

Jogging Club clinic by Mr. Olson??

*Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night - Thursday, March 29

Grade level volunteer for art work

*Final Spirit Wear Order will be sent out April 11 and ask for return on April 20

*Next PIE meeting April 17

*Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11

PIE Meeting Agenda

January 16, 2017

*Treasurer’s Report (Alice Griffith) (see info below)

*New Business

-Read for Silverwood (Mrs. Nitcy)

-Begins Wednesday, February 2 - ends Friday, March 2

- Seuss week Monday, February 26 - March 2

-Last year we awarded each winner (per class) $10 to be  used at book fair.

-Field Trip / Teacher Request Forms (Alice Griffith)-”new”purple forms in office in a wire basket behind Mr. Olson’s door on file cabinet

*Upcoming Events

-Spring Book Fair -

Wednesday, March 7 through Friday, March 16

Book fair open during Math & Science Night

-January Papa Murphy's Fundraiser (1/24/18)

Class needed to supply artwork

-Math and Science Night -

-Spring 5k (date TBD)

*Other Business

*Next PIE meeting - February 20th

Treasurer’s Report

Deposits:  Spirit Wear-$1045, Scratch for Schools-$256, Papa Murphy’s-$285.47 (Nov)

Expenses:  Team 44 ( Custom Wear)-$1139.55, Alice Griffith- $15.89 (PIE office supplies),

Crystal Gordon-$25.50; Abigail Heigis-$36, Arlana Dunkel-$29 (these 3 refund Believe)

City Taxes-$147.85 (Oct-Dec) State Taxes-$887.12 (Oct-Dec)

Cornett (Quickbooks)- $15

Income:  Scrip- $12.99 (Nov) $13.97 (Dec)

Box Tops - $346.80 (not deposited) Papa Murphy’s - $333.46 (Dec) (not deposited)