Partners In Education (PIE)


FEBRUARY 21, 2019

Update on Fundraisers

Papa Murphy's - Jan. & Feb. = $416.86

Principal’s Report:  Erik Olson

Treasurer's Report:  Alice Griffith - Outstanding checks:  playground balls - $180, headphones - $134.28,

Trina Prindiville - $15.08 book fair, Leana Nitcy - $19.34 Dr. Seuss decor, deposits=eScrip - $15.11; Ending balance in checking:  $11,573.30

Dr. Seuss Week:  February 25-March 1

Mixed up Monday, Top Hat Tuesday, Wacky Sock Wednesday,

Green Thread Thursday, Fun Friday (Wear Stripes!)

Spring Dino-Mite Book Fair:  Stomp, Chomp and Read! March 6-15 (Trina Prindiville)  

Date/time of set-up is to be determined

If you want to volunteer, please give Trina your email address

Open during conferences and STREAM night

Student Led Conferences:  March 8th (no school)

STREAM Night:  March 14, 4-6pm


  • Prizes for drawings

  • Volunteers to help set-up/clean-up - contact Mary

  • Volunteers (not parents) to help with a variety of activities during the event - if you have grandparents/aunts/uncles/friends who would like to help out, please contact Mary

  • Contact -  Mary Bruhjell at mary.bruhjell@lposd.org

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night:

March 20th - poster volunteer?

PIE Requests:

4th Grade - Schweitzer

Title - STREAM night - Pizza request/bottled water (?)

5th Grade - Water Festival & Forestry (?)

Parent Drawing for a $25 Gift  Certificate:  Please let Alice know where you would like the certificate to - some place locally (last one was to Vanderford’s)

Next PIE Meeting:  March 21

Update on Fundraisers

Papa Murphy's - Sept thru Dec = $825.30
Box Tops for Education = $477.30
Scratch for Schools = $182.00

PIE Meeting Agenda

January 17, 2019

Principal’s Report : Erik Olson

Treasurer’s Report : Alice Griffith

Read to Ride :  February 1 -  February 21 (Mrs. Nitcy)

Read -a- thon to earn tickets to Silverwood!

Top reader in each class will receive a gift certificate to the book fair.

Dr. Seuss Week :  February 25 - March 1

Same theme days as last year?

Spring Book Fair : March 6 - 15 ( Mrs. Prindiville)

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night : January and February????

New Fundraising Ideas : An email will be going out this month to the interested parties and a date will be set to discuss new fundraising ideas.  

Teacher Requests : ???

Other Business : Plan for Christmas decoration removal

Next PIE Meeting will be February 21 @ 3:00

PIE Meeting Agenda

November 15, 2018

Principal’s Report - Erik Olson

Treasurer’s Report - Alice Griffith (Jamie Zimmerman)

Parent/Teacher Conferences

11/19 @ 10a.m. Potato Bar setup

Holiday Decorating

*Week after Thanksgiving (unsure of specific date?)

*Sara Schuck and Oksana Cipriano purchased new decorations

*Additional volunteers to clean out old decorations and/or decorate


Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night

*December 6th (Thursday)

*January 30th (Wednesday)

*Poster Volunteers?

Teacher Requests

Kim Ball - Santa Visit

Mr. Olson - Headphones

Playground balls

Gift Cards to raffle at meetings

Next PIE Meeting - January 17 @ 3:00

Treasurer Re port

Believe: Internet Orders:        $1269.00

Catalog Orders:   $10,004.50

Total Sold:     $12,979.50

Total Profit:      $5270.80 (40.6%)

Taxes (state/local)         -$907.94

Top Seller Celebration:     -$20.90

Net Profit (from sales)   $4341.96

Cash Donations:   $1301.72

Total Earnings:   $5643.68

***Do we want to do this Believe fundraiser again in the fall of 2019? Comments. Vote.

Papa Murphy’s - September:  $209.86

Current Checking Account Balance:  $10,344.16

Library News

Book Fair - Net Sales:  $4469.68

Library earned a cash profit of $1,117.42

Online sales = $90.54

Library earned $45.26 in Scholastic dollars to use on Scholastic products from their catalog.

PIE Meeting Agenda

October 18, 2018

Principal Report - Erik Olson

Budget Report - Alice Griffith

Farmers Insurance - Erica Bennett

Papa Murphy's Pizza Night - October 22 - Class volunteer for poster?

Pumpkin Walk  October 22-26

Volunteers still needed to…

*Set up

*Fill prize bags

*Help with drop off and pick up:

(Monday & Tuesday 7:30-8:15; Friday 2:15-2:45)

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Potato Bar? Tuesday afternoon or Monday evening? Sign up genius?

Teacher Requests

6th Grade - Shoshone Overnight Field Trip

Liver Lab at High School

3rd Grade - Harvest Farm Day

4th Grade - Harvest Farm Day

Next PIE meeting November 15

Questions and/or Comments...

PIE Meeting Agenda

September 20, 2018

Introduction to PIE - Jamie Zimmerman

*About our organization

*Future officer positions

              *Fund request forms

Budget Report - Alice Griffith

Principal Report - Erik Olson

Enrollment is up for 2018/2019 school year, more than 65 more kids - 550 enrollment

New 2nd Grade Teacher

5 New Teachers for 2018/19 including Dean of Students (Associate Principal)

  • After School Program focused on Academics

  • $700k Grant received

Open House Night Thursday the 27th 4:30-5:30

$4600 Grant from PAFE for open learning space for all kids to use

  • Used for small group teaching/learning

  • MAP testing

  • iStation (New IRI) Testing Station for State of ID

Suggestion made: Open up new space for kids to eat cold lunches

Safe Routes to School - Erin Billings

Believe Fundraiser -Sept. 21 - Oct. 9

Looking for volunteers . . .

  1. Redeem coupons for Adopt a Pet - at least 2x/week

  2. Delivery day - help to verify boxes & organize

2nd Week of November for Deliveries - volunteers needed

$4k+ fund raiser

New Ideas to Replace Believe next year?

  • Local Farmers/Artisans/Artists

  • Pledge  Drive $ Cash Donations or per student donation

  • Donation Box for Box Tops/LH Lids at the Library?

  • Craft Fair for local vendors

  • Fun Run

  • Shoe Drive  (families collect shoes, most shoes wins - Recycled shoes company that give $$ back )

  • What kind of Community Event can Farmin do for all schools?

  • Fund Raiser Committee Sign up Sheet passed around

  • Family Photos - donate sessions

  • Yearbooks

Papa Murphy’s Fundraisers - dates, poster volunteers (drop off and pick up)

Monday 24th

• Poster needs to specify what it is for

• Volunteers needed to pick up old poster

Pumpkin Walk 22nd - 26th

Looking for Volunteers to...

  1. Make goodie bags

  2. Cut pumpkin labels

  3. Decorate hallway

• Request for no candy included in goody bags

Spirit Wear Orders

3 Orders will be made during the year… Sept.21, Nov. 14, March 20

Mr Olson suggestion:  Donation box on order form or $ cash donation to give kids tees when they can’t buy them?

Possible PIE sponsored events for 2018-2019

*Believe Fundraiser (Sept) *Book Fairs (fall and spring)

*Pumpkin Walk (Oct) *P/T Conferences (Nov)

*Teacher Appreciation Week (May) *Christmas Decorating (Dec)

*Jogging Club (Spring) *Spirit Wear Orders (year)

Questions and/or Comments…

Merilee Kleiber Announcements

Love & Logic  Clinic

Childcare TBD

Mondays 6-8pm starting Oct. 1

NEXT MEETING October 18th @ 3pm

PIE Meeting Agenda


March 20, 2018

Treasurer’s Report (Alice Griffith)

Expenses:  $20 Jack Zimmerman (babysitting-PIE mtg), $16.23 Trina Prindiville (book fair supplies), $290 Teacher Book Certificates Book fair, $11:80 Alice Griffith (Box Tops Postage), $240 Book Certificates Top Reader, $310 Dominoes (Math & Science Night), $15 Cornett (Quickbooks), $31.28 LPOSD (field trip KG dentist), $273.92 Team 44 (Spirit Wear)

Income:  Scrip = $17.37 Papa Murphy’s = $249.76 (Feb.) $293 Team 44 (Spirit Wear)

Checking Account Balance:  $8152.60

New Business

*Field Trip Request Forms

+Rick Price (represented by Erik) - Math Olympiad

+Kristin Buckmiller - Idaho Forestry

+Mary Bruhjell - Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

    Farragut State Park

+Joanie Hamelmann - Albeni Falls Dam

+2nd Grade - Fire Station

          CdA Library

+Erin Brady - North 40

          City Beach

+6th Grade - Skate Plaza, Shoshone Base Camp, Forestry Contest, Fish


*Book Fair Results

Upcoming Events

*Jogging Club (April 9 - May 18)

Do we have all supplies?  Ribbons?? Trophy for 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall (entire school)

Jogging Club clinic by Mr. Olson??

*Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night - Thursday, March 29

Grade level volunteer for art work

*Final Spirit Wear Order will be sent out April 11 and ask for return on April 20

*Next PIE meeting April 17

*Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11

PIE Meeting Agenda

January 16, 2017

*Treasurer’s Report (Alice Griffith) (see info below)

*New Business

-Read for Silverwood (Mrs. Nitcy)

-Begins Wednesday, February 2 - ends Friday, March 2

- Seuss week Monday, February 26 - March 2

-Last year we awarded each winner (per class) $10 to be  used at book fair.

-Field Trip / Teacher Request Forms (Alice Griffith)-”new”purple forms in office in a wire basket behind Mr. Olson’s door on file cabinet

*Upcoming Events

-Spring Book Fair -

Wednesday, March 7 through Friday, March 16

Book fair open during Math & Science Night

-January Papa Murphy's Fundraiser (1/24/18)

Class needed to supply artwork

-Math and Science Night -

-Spring 5k (date TBD)

*Other Business

*Next PIE meeting - February 20th

Treasurer’s Report

Deposits:  Spirit Wear-$1045, Scratch for Schools-$256, Papa Murphy’s-$285.47 (Nov)

Expenses:  Team 44 ( Custom Wear)-$1139.55, Alice Griffith- $15.89 (PIE office supplies),

Crystal Gordon-$25.50; Abigail Heigis-$36, Arlana Dunkel-$29 (these 3 refund Believe)

City Taxes-$147.85 (Oct-Dec) State Taxes-$887.12 (Oct-Dec)

Cornett (Quickbooks)- $15

Income:  Scrip- $12.99 (Nov) $13.97 (Dec)

Box Tops - $346.80 (not deposited) Papa Murphy’s - $333.46 (Dec) (not deposited)