Partners In Education (PIE)

PIE Meeting

Thursday, May 16

Principal’s Report:  Erik Olson

Treasurer's Report:  Alice Griffith

Matchwood Pint Night:  (May 24th 5-8)

  • SUP Raffle happening now - on display at Matchwood

  • Silent Auction, S’mores, Live Band

  • Cruiser Bike - also possible raffle or auction board?

Jogging Club: Assembly Date?

  • Prizes being ordered and will be organized for assembly

  • PIE Volunteer(s) to assist with setup

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night: (Date??)

Teacher Requests:

Information on upcoming events for the fall 2019!

Boosterthon Fun Run: (Date??)

  • Will replace Believe Fundraiser

  • Explanation/Overview

Movie License:

  • Washington agreed to share license with us

  • Possible back to school Movie Night?

Farmers Market Bake Sale (summertime)

  • Anyone who wants to contribute a baked item, please share email

Is Thursday still a good day for P.I.E. meetings next school year?

Thank you everyone for all your help and support

Have an amazing summer!!!

P.I.E. Meeting Agenda

April 18th, 2019

Principal’s Report:  Erik Olson

Treasurer’s Report: Alice Griffith

Matchwood Fundraiser: Stephanie Reimann

  • Quick synopsis

  • Donation request letter

  • Delivery of invites to parents? May 3rd

  • Can teachers include this date in weekly communications after May 3rd?

Burger Express Fundraiser: Sara Hansen

  • Best date/time

  • Particular class or grade of students to invite to help?

Jogging Club t-shirts:

  • SHS’s “Graphic Impact” to do shirt making - Stephanie Reimann

  • Winner of jogging club art design for shirts

  • Do we want on the back/front/front Farmin Wolf logo?

Upcoming Dates:

  • Papa Murphy’s Nights:  April 25th - volunteer to get poster to PM at 11?

-Can we advertise on the Reader Board?

  • Bike to school day May 8th

  • Fundraiser Meeting (Matchwood) May 13th @ 6:30

  • PIE Meeting (Farmin-Stidwell) May 16th @ 3:00

PIE Meeting Agenda

March 21, 2019

Principal’s Report: Erik Olson

Treasurer’s Report:  Alice Griffith (see other side for details)

Spring Book Fair - Trina Prindiville

Box Tops: Heather Bynum

-Monthly contest (after Spring Break)

-Summer collection

Jogging Club:  April 8 - ??


-Awards:  ribbons, small foot, large foot, medal, t-shirt (purchased LaceLinks for         

younger students)

-Kim Ball - Stidwell end/ Laura Olin & Nichelle Gau Farmin end

-Changes to assembly to make it go smoother?

Children’s names on each shirt for less confusion at assembly.

New shirt color? (might be cool to change it each year so they don’t have 5 red shirts…).

Possibly new art on shirt each year as student art competition?

PIE representative available during prize delivery to sort/organize.

Scholarship:  volunteers needed to read applications


-Presale next year for numbers

Potential Fundraiser Ideas:

-”Own the Night”  Schweitzer Night Ski tickets

-Additional Dine Nights or Mornings

Evan’s Brothers?  Local restaurant?

-Reinvigorate Amazon Smile and Escrip

-Back to School Movie Night (outside?)

-Collaborative BBQ and games at park (with WA PTA)

Nominations for next year officers and leads for special projects:


Vice President:  Jamie Zimmerman

Secretary: Heather Bynum

Treasurer: Valerie Corsiglia

Social Media:

Box Tops (all year): Heather Bynum

Litehouse Lids (all year): Sara Schuck

Dine Out Days (all year):

Jogging Club (April-June):

Spirit Wear (all year):

Teacher Appreciation Week (May):

Fall Conference Dinner (November):

Pumpkin Walk (October):

Own The Night (Winter):

Believe Fundraiser (Sept. ): Alice Griffith

Teacher Proposals:

4th Grade:  Astronaut Day, Pre-fair, Kootenai Wildlife Refuge

ELP:  Lutherhaven, 6th Grade field trip to CDA (?)

Upcoming Dates:

-Papa Murphy’s Fundraiser - April 25th (poster volunteer?)

January PM fundraiser = $237.73

February PM fundraiser = $179.13

-Fundraiser Meeting (MickDuff’s on Cedar) - April 22 @ 6:30

-PIE  Meeting(Farmin-Stidwell)  - April 25 @ 3:00


FEBRUARY 21, 2019

Update on Fundraisers

Papa Murphy's - Jan. & Feb. = $416.86

Principal’s Report:  Erik Olson

Treasurer's Report:  Alice Griffith - Outstanding checks:  playground balls - $180, headphones - $134.28,

Trina Prindiville - $15.08 book fair, Leana Nitcy - $19.34 Dr. Seuss decor, deposits=eScrip - $15.11; Ending balance in checking:  $11,573.30

Dr. Seuss Week:  February 25-March 1

Mixed up Monday, Top Hat Tuesday, Wacky Sock Wednesday,

Green Thread Thursday, Fun Friday (Wear Stripes!)

Spring Dino-Mite Book Fair:  Stomp, Chomp and Read! March 6-15 (Trina Prindiville)  

Date/time of set-up is to be determined

If you want to volunteer, please give Trina your email address

Open during conferences and STREAM night

Student Led Conferences:  March 8th (no school)

STREAM Night:  March 14, 4-6pm


  • Prizes for drawings

  • Volunteers to help set-up/clean-up - contact Mary

  • Volunteers (not parents) to help with a variety of activities during the event - if you have grandparents/aunts/uncles/friends who would like to help out, please contact Mary

  • Contact -  Mary Bruhjell at mary.bruhjell@lposd.org

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night:

March 20th - poster volunteer?

PIE Requests:

4th Grade - Schweitzer

Title - STREAM night - Pizza request/bottled water (?)

5th Grade - Water Festival & Forestry (?)

Parent Drawing for a $25 Gift  Certificate:  Please let Alice know where you would like the certificate to - some place locally (last one was to Vanderford’s)

Next PIE Meeting:  March 21

Update on Fundraisers

Papa Murphy's - Sept thru Dec = $825.30
Box Tops for Education = $477.30
Scratch for Schools = $182.00

PIE Meeting Agenda

January 17, 2019

Principal’s Report : Erik Olson

Treasurer’s Report : Alice Griffith

Read to Ride :  February 1 -  February 21 (Mrs. Nitcy)

Read -a- thon to earn tickets to Silverwood!

Top reader in each class will receive a gift certificate to the book fair.

Dr. Seuss Week :  February 25 - March 1

Same theme days as last year?

Spring Book Fair : March 6 - 15 ( Mrs. Prindiville)

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night : January and February????

New Fundraising Ideas : An email will be going out this month to the interested parties and a date will be set to discuss new fundraising ideas.  

Teacher Requests : ???

Other Business : Plan for Christmas decoration removal

Next PIE Meeting will be February 21 @ 3:00

PIE Meeting Agenda

November 15, 2018

Principal’s Report - Erik Olson

Treasurer’s Report - Alice Griffith (Jamie Zimmerman)

Parent/Teacher Conferences

11/19 @ 10a.m. Potato Bar setup

Holiday Decorating

*Week after Thanksgiving (unsure of specific date?)

*Sara Schuck and Oksana Cipriano purchased new decorations

*Additional volunteers to clean out old decorations and/or decorate


Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night

*December 6th (Thursday)

*January 30th (Wednesday)

*Poster Volunteers?

Teacher Requests

Kim Ball - Santa Visit

Mr. Olson - Headphones

Playground balls

Gift Cards to raffle at meetings

Next PIE Meeting - January 17 @ 3:00

Treasurer Re port

Believe: Internet Orders:        $1269.00

Catalog Orders:   $10,004.50

Total Sold:     $12,979.50

Total Profit:      $5270.80 (40.6%)

Taxes (state/local)         -$907.94

Top Seller Celebration:     -$20.90

Net Profit (from sales)   $4341.96

Cash Donations:   $1301.72

Total Earnings:   $5643.68

***Do we want to do this Believe fundraiser again in the fall of 2019? Comments. Vote.

Papa Murphy’s - September:  $209.86

Current Checking Account Balance:  $10,344.16

Library News

Book Fair - Net Sales:  $4469.68

Library earned a cash profit of $1,117.42

Online sales = $90.54

Library earned $45.26 in Scholastic dollars to use on Scholastic products from their catalog.

PIE Meeting Agenda

October 18, 2018

Principal Report - Erik Olson

Budget Report - Alice Griffith

Farmers Insurance - Erica Bennett

Papa Murphy's Pizza Night - October 22 - Class volunteer for poster?

Pumpkin Walk  October 22-26

Volunteers still needed to…

*Set up

*Fill prize bags

*Help with drop off and pick up:

(Monday & Tuesday 7:30-8:15; Friday 2:15-2:45)

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Potato Bar? Tuesday afternoon or Monday evening? Sign up genius?

Teacher Requests

6th Grade - Shoshone Overnight Field Trip

Liver Lab at High School

3rd Grade - Harvest Farm Day

4th Grade - Harvest Farm Day

Next PIE meeting November 15

Questions and/or Comments...

PIE Meeting Agenda

September 20, 2018

Introduction to PIE - Jamie Zimmerman

*About our organization

*Future officer positions

              *Fund request forms

Budget Report - Alice Griffith

Principal Report - Erik Olson

Enrollment is up for 2018/2019 school year, more than 65 more kids - 550 enrollment

New 2nd Grade Teacher

5 New Teachers for 2018/19 including Dean of Students (Associate Principal)

  • After School Program focused on Academics

  • $700k Grant received

Open House Night Thursday the 27th 4:30-5:30

$4600 Grant from PAFE for open learning space for all kids to use

  • Used for small group teaching/learning

  • MAP testing

  • iStation (New IRI) Testing Station for State of ID

Suggestion made: Open up new space for kids to eat cold lunches

Safe Routes to School - Erin Billings

Believe Fundraiser -Sept. 21 - Oct. 9

Looking for volunteers . . .

  1. Redeem coupons for Adopt a Pet - at least 2x/week

  2. Delivery day - help to verify boxes & organize

2nd Week of November for Deliveries - volunteers needed

$4k+ fund raiser

New Ideas to Replace Believe next year?

  • Local Farmers/Artisans/Artists

  • Pledge  Drive $ Cash Donations or per student donation

  • Donation Box for Box Tops/LH Lids at the Library?

  • Craft Fair for local vendors

  • Fun Run

  • Shoe Drive  (families collect shoes, most shoes wins - Recycled shoes company that give $$ back )

  • What kind of Community Event can Farmin do for all schools?

  • Fund Raiser Committee Sign up Sheet passed around

  • Family Photos - donate sessions

  • Yearbooks

Papa Murphy’s Fundraisers - dates, poster volunteers (drop off and pick up)

Monday 24th

• Poster needs to specify what it is for

• Volunteers needed to pick up old poster

Pumpkin Walk 22nd - 26th

Looking for Volunteers to...

  1. Make goodie bags

  2. Cut pumpkin labels

  3. Decorate hallway

• Request for no candy included in goody bags

Spirit Wear Orders

3 Orders will be made during the year… Sept.21, Nov. 14, March 20

Mr Olson suggestion:  Donation box on order form or $ cash donation to give kids tees when they can’t buy them?

Possible PIE sponsored events for 2018-2019

*Believe Fundraiser (Sept) *Book Fairs (fall and spring)

*Pumpkin Walk (Oct) *P/T Conferences (Nov)

*Teacher Appreciation Week (May) *Christmas Decorating (Dec)

*Jogging Club (Spring) *Spirit Wear Orders (year)

Questions and/or Comments…

Merilee Kleiber Announcements

Love & Logic  Clinic

Childcare TBD

Mondays 6-8pm starting Oct. 1

NEXT MEETING October 18th @ 3pm

PIE Meeting Agenda


March 20, 2018

Treasurer’s Report (Alice Griffith)

Expenses:  $20 Jack Zimmerman (babysitting-PIE mtg), $16.23 Trina Prindiville (book fair supplies), $290 Teacher Book Certificates Book fair, $11:80 Alice Griffith (Box Tops Postage), $240 Book Certificates Top Reader, $310 Dominoes (Math & Science Night), $15 Cornett (Quickbooks), $31.28 LPOSD (field trip KG dentist), $273.92 Team 44 (Spirit Wear)

Income:  Scrip = $17.37 Papa Murphy’s = $249.76 (Feb.) $293 Team 44 (Spirit Wear)

Checking Account Balance:  $8152.60

New Business

*Field Trip Request Forms

+Rick Price (represented by Erik) - Math Olympiad

+Kristin Buckmiller - Idaho Forestry

+Mary Bruhjell - Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

    Farragut State Park

+Joanie Hamelmann - Albeni Falls Dam

+2nd Grade - Fire Station

          CdA Library

+Erin Brady - North 40

          City Beach

+6th Grade - Skate Plaza, Shoshone Base Camp, Forestry Contest, Fish


*Book Fair Results

Upcoming Events

*Jogging Club (April 9 - May 18)

Do we have all supplies?  Ribbons?? Trophy for 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall (entire school)

Jogging Club clinic by Mr. Olson??

*Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night - Thursday, March 29

Grade level volunteer for art work

*Final Spirit Wear Order will be sent out April 11 and ask for return on April 20

*Next PIE meeting April 17

*Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11

PIE Meeting Agenda

January 16, 2017

*Treasurer’s Report (Alice Griffith) (see info below)

*New Business

-Read for Silverwood (Mrs. Nitcy)

-Begins Wednesday, February 2 - ends Friday, March 2

- Seuss week Monday, February 26 - March 2

-Last year we awarded each winner (per class) $10 to be  used at book fair.

-Field Trip / Teacher Request Forms (Alice Griffith)-”new”purple forms in office in a wire basket behind Mr. Olson’s door on file cabinet

*Upcoming Events

-Spring Book Fair -

Wednesday, March 7 through Friday, March 16

Book fair open during Math & Science Night

-January Papa Murphy's Fundraiser (1/24/18)

Class needed to supply artwork

-Math and Science Night -

-Spring 5k (date TBD)

*Other Business

*Next PIE meeting - February 20th

Treasurer’s Report

Deposits:  Spirit Wear-$1045, Scratch for Schools-$256, Papa Murphy’s-$285.47 (Nov)

Expenses:  Team 44 ( Custom Wear)-$1139.55, Alice Griffith- $15.89 (PIE office supplies),

Crystal Gordon-$25.50; Abigail Heigis-$36, Arlana Dunkel-$29 (these 3 refund Believe)

City Taxes-$147.85 (Oct-Dec) State Taxes-$887.12 (Oct-Dec)

Cornett (Quickbooks)- $15

Income:  Scrip- $12.99 (Nov) $13.97 (Dec)

Box Tops - $346.80 (not deposited) Papa Murphy’s - $333.46 (Dec) (not deposited)