From the Principal

Dear Families,

As we look forward to the future, we envision Farmin-Stidwell Elementary School as a place where excellence in education means educating the whole child. We aim to provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive and successful 21st century life. We recognize that these goals are best achieved when the school provides an environment in which teachers, parents, staff and others develop and practice core values that benefit the academic, emotional and social needs of all children.

Strong communication between home and school forms the basis for the caring, nurturing, family atmosphere that is essential to Farmin-Stidwell Elementary School. This atmosphere promotes an excellence in teaching that results in high academic achievement and enables children to realize personal excellence at all levels.

We see Farmin-Stidwell Elementary school education as forming a sound foundation for life-long learning. All children can learn, and we can develop within each student the desire to know the tools to seek, and the ability to find, understand and use information as a means to becoming self-sufficient, responsible, and productive contributors to a complex, ever-changing, and diverse society. We seek a challenging and supportive learning environment that capitalizes on the natural curiosity of children as they explore all parts of the curriculum.

Join us in our Farmin-Stidwell Elementary school vision as we provide our future with endless opportunities to become learners and leaders in all aspects of their life. Let us work together to make Farmin-Stidwell Elementary a place children love to attend, a place in which parents believe their children are receiving an education second to none, and a place in which teachers express their joy of working with pride.

Yours in education,

Erik A. Olson, Principal

Drive By and Say Good Bye-June 1st from 11am-1pm

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Title 1 Survey

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Your feedback is appreciated. We encourage you to complete our Title 1 survey by clicking the link below. 

Free Community Meals in May!

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Attachment also available by clicking the link below!

May 6th: Bike to Anywhere Day!

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Check out the attachment below for BINGO Card and Poster Contest rules. 

Virtual 5K Run!

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We Got This 5K

The LPOSD elementary P.E. teachers are challenging students to plan their own 5k race. All 7 elementary schools in the district are participating! We are all in this weird time together so here’s a chance to participate in a community unifying event. Students that complete this challenge will earn a race T-shirt. The shirt will be the same for all schools.

Mapping your own 5K course (3.1 miles) 

Monday, April 20th - Monday, May 4th

Step 1: Find a safe place to run or walk to complete the 5k. 

Safe, meaning two things: first we need to keep social distancing practices in place, 2nd it needs to be safe from outside forces such as wildlife, cars, or difficulty of terrain. If you have a treadmill, you can use that too. 

Step 2: Map your course!  

Make a map of your own race course - it can be printed or hand drawn and it needs a description of where it is located. There are several online apps that can be used, “Mapmyrun” is Mr. Peterson’s favorite. You can use whatever app, device, or running watch you are comfortable with. If that is not available even using your car's odometer will work. Remember, 5k equals 3.1 miles.   

Step 3: Email it to your P.E. teacher, Ms. Longstreet-rayna.longstreet@lposd.org

If you do not have the internet, please return it at the next packet pickup. Please email if you can to continue practicing social distancing.

Students have until Monday, May 4th to submit their race course to Ms. Longstreet. 

Run The Race 

Monday, May 4th - Monday May 18th

Step 1: Run the race you have mapped out! 

Step 2: Email your results (race time) and your T-shirt size to Ms. Longstreet rayna.longstreet@lposd.org If you do not have the internet, turn in your results and T-shirt size at the next packet pickup. Include a picture or a video if you can! Students have until Monday, May 18th to submit their race time results and T-shirt size to Ms. Longstreet. 

Wait for Your Shirt 

Tuesday, May 19th - Monday, June 1st

The order for the shirts will go in Tuesday morning. Shirts will be available at the next packet pickup and work drop off.

These are all tentative dates except when the challenge starts. We will do our best to stick to them, but as you all know things can change and we will need to adjust. If your student maps a course and runs the race, submitting the course and results on time they will get a shirt. 

“We Got This” so get out and run!

LPOSD Elementary P.E. Crew

Criteria established by SBE to resume school

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The Idaho School Board of Education has determined the criteria for schools to resume normal operations.  The link below details the specified criteria. 


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Dear Families,
The attached document below we hope will answer some questions you may have regarding our current situation and the Lake Pend Oreille School District. 


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Hello From the Title 1 Team!

We Miss You All!!

One of the many joys of working in Title 1 is that we get to visit many different classrooms every day.  We miss seeing all your smiling faces, getting and giving high fives and fist bumps, but most especially we miss seeing you and hearing about what you are reading.

If you have not already done so, please start a Reading Journal.  That way when we meet again, you can share it with your classroom teacher and with us!  Include the title and author of the books that you read while you are doing distance learning.  If you are reading picture books, jot down your thoughts as you finish each one. If you are reading chapter books, pause every few chapters and jot down some thoughts.  

Here are some questions to think about as you journal about what you are reading.

  • Did you like the book and why?  

  • What was your favorite part and why?  

  • Did the book remind you of another book that you read? If so, which one?

  • Would you like to be any of the characters in the story and why?

  • If you wrote this book, would you have changed something?  

  • Would you recommend this book to a friend?  Why or why not?

Sending virtual hugs, fist bumps and lots of love your way!

F.S. Title 1 Team : Mrs. Leister, Mrs. Bruhjell, Mrs. Ginter, Mrs. Lyman, Mrs. Fournier, Mrs. Grawlow 

Mr. B. - our fantastic long term sub

PLEASE take our parent survey regarding "Distant Learning"

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Wolfpack families! As we continue to work through these uncertain times and provide distant learning opportunities we are seeking your feedback! This will help us determine how to continue to provide the best opportunities for your child.


Wide Open School-Great Parent Resource

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