Counselor's Corner

Miss Ellen

School Counselor 


Therapy Dog 

Farmin Stidwell is excited to welcome a new volunteer to our pack - Pepper the Therapy Dog! Pepper is Miss Ellen's dog, and is a registered and insured Therapy Dog. Last year, Pepper worked with Miss Ellen (our school counselor) in a pilot role, listening to students read. We saw students' enthusiasm for reading increase greatly when they had the opportunity to read with Pepper. This year her role will expand to spending time with more students in school. Therapy Dogs are shown to reduce stress, assist with calming big emotions, and increase academics and attendance. 

You and your students may see Pepper at pick up and drop off, in the hallways and in classrooms. Some students may visit with Pepper in Miss Ellen's office. It is OK to pet a Therapy Dog!! All students will receive lessons about interacting appropriately and safely with Pepper prior to spending time with her. If you have any questions or concerns about your students' interactions with Pepper, please let Miss Ellen or Miss Dalessio know by calling the school or stopping by.