Back To School Jitters!

Post date: Sep 06, 2018 2:50:2 PM

I remember when my child was ready to back to school.  I often reflect whether it was her anxiety or mine. I know now that my anxiety probably spilled over on to her. Throughout her school years I learned to be calm, cool, and collected with back to school jitters. I also learned to listen to her concerns, to let her take freely about them and I never said, "You shouldn't worry." or "There's nothing to worry about.".

Back to school jitters is normal for everyone.  Here is how you can help. If you child was in our school or any elementary school in the district they were taught a social/emotional curriculum called Second Step. In Second Step we teach students about how to calm down. You can say to your child, "Do you remember the calm down steps?"  If they were in our school district they know what they are.  You can help guide your child to calm down by using these simple steps:

I hope you get off to a great start this school year and have fun!

-Merilee Kleiber, Counselor