From the Desk of Mrs. Kleiber-October Update

Post date: Oct 02, 2018 5:23:51 PM

October 1, 2018

Dear Family,

During our Second Step program in the month of October we will be discussing Bullying. The students will learn the 3 R’s.

The definition of bullying we use a Farmin-Stidwell is:

Bullying is when someone is mean, on purpose, over and over and I've tried to get it to stop.

We will also discuss words such as rude, mean, face- to -face bullying and behind your back bullying. In grades K-3, we help students understand the difference between tattling and reporting bullying. Our K-3 students we describe bullying as someone who hurts you physically, hurt your belongings or hurts your feelings. Students in grades 4-6 we will to what has been taught in previous grade levels by talking about people who purposely exclude, gossip, and get others to do the bullying for them.

In all of our classes be practice through the use of video and role play. If you have concerns about bullying feel free to contact me at any time.

Merilee Kleiber