May is Mental Health Awareness Month!!

Post date: May 17, 2021 8:27:34 PM

May 2021

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! As the Counselor at Farmin Stidwell, I am always talking about Mental Health with the students even when they don’t realize it! Calming down, having positive relationships, asking for help when we need it and being successful at problem solving are all ways that we can take care of our Mental Health. Unfortunately, talking about problems we may be having with our Mental Health still carries a high stigma in our society. During Mental Health Awareness Month, we are aiming at breaking that stigma and understanding that talking about our Mental Health is as normal as talking about our Physical Health.

I have been a clinical counselor for over 15 years and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, so I take Mental Health very seriously - after all, we all have Mental Health! Just like we eat healthy and take our vitamins, it is important that we regularly do things to maintain our positive Mental Health. Just like we ice and elevate a sprained ankle, we need to give our brains breaks at times to help them rest and heal. Check your child's take home folder this month for activities to do as a family to take care of our Mental Health!

Ellen Wassif, LCSW

School Counselor