Free or Reduced Meal Application

Post date: Jan 09, 2020 5:22:24 PM

Have you completed a Free or Reduced meal application this school year?

If yes, thank you! Many federal, state and local grants use our district’s ‘Low Income Eligibility’ percentages to determine if an individual school or district as a whole are eligible to apply for funding. Thehigher the percentage, the more likely eligibility will be considered. This is regardless if individuals who qualify choose to participate in the meal service program regularly.

It is our hope that all children are encouraged to eat in the school cafeteria. Our district participates in the National School Lunch and National School Breakfast Programs. We also participate in the Child and AdultCare Food Program which provides supper, free of charge, to all students participating in the After-School Program at Kootenai and Farmin Elementary. Allmeals served to children in our district’s cafeterias follow the“School Meals Initiative” by using Nutrient Standard Menu Planning. Meals are nutritionally analyzed to provide the nutrients required to sustain optimum health and growth for children.

A more detailed letter and application can be found in the links below.