Indoor/Outdoor Recess Weather Determination

Post date: Feb 21, 2018 8:2:36 PM

With the cold weather, snow, rain and simply put, unpredictable weather forecast the question from parents is the same, "How is it determined whether or not it will be indoor recess or outdoor recess?". Please note that the decision to have outdoor recess or indoor recess is not taken lightly. In short, the school will make a decision based on what is best for the majority of the 545+ students at Farmin Stidwell. The decision is also made based on the assumption that parents ensure that their child(ren) come to school with adequate winter attire. This includes a coat (not a hoodie), warm shoes/boots, gloves, hat, snow pants..etc.. The Lake Pend Oreille School District does not have a policy that involves temperature regarding outdoor recess. Instead, this decision has been left up to the local schools to make that determination. All elementary schools, strive to be consistent across the board when making this determination. Thus, at our school, outdoor play is permitted regardless of temperature, when weather conditions are appropriate. Students will remain indoors when the temperature, with the wind chill, falls below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Parents, please be sure to send your children with adequate cold weather/winter/rain attire and we will do our best to ensure that students are safe during recess. As future reference, please refer to our temperature link on our main webpage as this is our references for making recess weather determinations.